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HCM city: 5th floor, 62A Pham Ngoc Thach street, W2, D3, HCM City.
Hotline: 0982.207.575 Email: info@brandsviet.com.vn
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Kim Gia Plywood

      Kim Gia Plywood

Kim Gia Plywood

“Is the social media talking about us?”

“What are their attitudes towards us?”

“What actions should be taken to increase positive reactions?”

Yes. Our mission is to answer those questions as well as find solutions to all social concerns.

In Kim Gia’s case, BrandsViet team members made an in-depth research about the target audiences, from who they were to what their habits and hobbies were like, so as to ensure the following plan’s efficiency.

Afterwards, specific steps to implement the campaign were set, with an achievable goal and ideal time bound. Kim Gia eventually retrieved the audience’s attention and attained a high engagement rate, resulting from fresh and insightful contents.